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✋Hi, Im Anastasia, I’m a web developer and a hosting provider.
💻I can make your website, publish it on the Internet and maintain your website during all time of its life with no ‘web’ worries for you.
🤑All this just for 140 euros/year (*depends on the project)!
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1. I make your website:

-I use the newest web technologies and knowledge to build your website.

-You only need to provide me with the content you want to see on your web and tell me what style you want, all the rest I do for you!

-I make any changes until you like the final result.

2. I publish your website on the Internet:

-No need to search for domain and hosting.

-No need to know how to work with web hosting, change DNS, enter with FTTP or whatever.

– I provide you with domain + hosting + SSL certificate + corporate email!


3. I maintain your website:

-Every time you want to make some minor changes on your website just WhatsApp me!

-If you want to add a new page/picture/change text…just WhatsApp me!

-I’ll do the changes the next day you requested it.

– I will keep you website, hosting and domain working smoothly, if there are some problems, I will deal with it!

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😃No need to know anything about web technologies/coding/hosting!
😁No need to spend time building your web in web-building apps!
😱Just WhatsApp me and I’ll do it for you!